Make your mark with these Monster Note Pals Sticky Tabs! Chaos is scared away when you let these little monster have their way! This set of 8 monster characters will help you keep track of notes, work as bookmarks, and will also help remind you about anything you might forget! When all your notes are a messy it can be pretty scary when you try to find what you need. But no more! These 8 cute monster characters are only too happy to scare away the mess and keep you life neat and ordered! Put them to work helping you stay organized at home, at work, or at school. With 8 different characters, you can choose which ones help you with different tasks, making a fun way to keep track of all you do! You can also trade them with friends who have other sets too! Keeping organized has never been so fun! Mini sticky tabs with 8 monster character designs 80 paper tabs Works great for little reminders and bookmarks Tabs are just under 2 inches long

Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Monster Pals

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