In this boxed set, choose your own trail and complete the journey to Oregon City with all four paperbacks in this exciting series! It's 1850 and your first goal is to get your family, covered wagon full of supplies, and oxen to Chimney Rock on time. But hurry--you'll need to make it through the rugged mountains before winter snow hits. Plus, there are wild animals, natural disasters, unpredictable weather, fast-flowing rivers, strangers, and sickness that will be sure to stand between you and your destination!     Which path will get you safely across the unforgiving terrain--from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City? With twenty-two possible endings in each book, choose wrong and you'll never make it on time. Choose right and blaze a trail that gets you closer to your final destination--and don't forget to look at your map! The box includes:The Race to Chimney RockDanger at the Haunted GateThe Search for Snake RiverThe Road to Oregon CityA full-color poster of the Oregon Trail!

The Oregon Trail (Bargain Book, paperback boxed set plus poster map)

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  • Jesse Wiley • HMH Books for Young Readers 10/16/18 • 656 Pages