In this young readers' edition of Thank You for Voting, debut author and journalist Erin Geiger Smith presents a fascinating look into America's voting history and inspires young people to get involved! 


Voting is a privilege and a right, but it hasn't always been for many people. From the founding fathers to Jim Crow to women's suffrage to gerrymandering--and everything in between--readers will get a look at the complex history of voting and become empowered to ask BIG questions like: --What can I do to support my favorite leader? --Who can I talk to about the issues I believe in? --How can I make a difference in my community? Every citizen has the right to vote. Let each one count!

Thank You for Voting (Young Readers')

SKU: 9780062972385
  • Erin Geiger Smith; HarperCollins Publishers Limited, 06/16/20; 240 Pages