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Teacher Feature

Portkey Books knows teachers are worth so much, and paid so little. Yet, they still often purchase classroom supplies from their own funds.


Please support our local teachers by purchasing the books they have chosen for their classroom!

In gratitude, everyone who purchases a Teacher Feature book to donate will receive a coupon for 15% OFF of their next purchase.

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Portkey Books is proud to present Ms. Zaleh Damavandi for this month's Teacher Feature. "Miss D" served as the Literacy Specialist at the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center for three years, as well as the assistant to the Executive Director. She also worked at Safety Harbor Elementary School in the Varying Exceptionalities department with all grades. While she no longer teaches in Safety Harbor, we would like to thank her for her service to our community. Miss D currently teaches 7th Grade Language Arts at a low-income school and often relies on donations and grants for classroom supplies. She has chosen to read Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech with her class and needs a copy for each of her students. About the book, she says, "It's really about not judging someone until you have walked in their shoes. It's a perfect lesson for middle schoolers."  Please consider supporting this teacher by purchasing a copy of Walk Two Moons for her students.

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